This blog serves members and fans of the listening room experience, promoted by two sites – ConcertsInYourHome.com (CIYH) and ListeningRoomNetwork.com, both founded by artist and music innovator Fran Snyder.

The former, established in 2006, is the world’s largest and most active community of house concerts in the world. A thousand members connect to book house concerts and other remarkable events in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Listening Room Network, is an extension of the good work done at CIYH, to provide similar resources for public venues that promote a listening environment, and offer artists a living wage.

The live music tribe symbolizes that feeling we get when we take that collective breath after an inspiring performance. Surrounded by people who feel the same, who connect deeply with music, we suddenly feel as if we’ve found our tribe.

This blog covers topics that help artists and hosts put on better events, and often highlights features of our websites and our community. Be sure to check out the categories, it’s a great way to find the articles most relevant to you.



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