The $250,000 Email – Effective Emailing to Book House Concerts with Fans

The $250,000 Email – A Preamble

The first time I tried this, thirty minutes later I had an offer to play a house concert. I’m not the first to have success emailing fans for house concerts, but experimented and I’ve paid attention to the results. I’ve shared these results over the years and have helped my blog readers and ConcertsInYourHome artists create hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Members and non-members alike have used varying forms of this sample email to inspire their fans to host concerts, provide food, shelter, dollars, and good times on the road.

Here is what artists have said about the email I’m about to share with you.


“Hey Fran, Just wanted to let you know that I followed through with your suggestion and secured seven gigs in about 4 hours. You’re onto something.” [Update: Ed wound up booking 22 gigs from the email over the next few weeks.] Cheers, Ed Oproncek

“Hi Fran, The email has been working like a charm – thanks for the nudge. I have gotten offers in NJ, MD, GA, Brooklyn, Greensboro, and even a boat on a lake here in NC! Keep the good ideas coming!” – Jon Shain

“Fran! I just used the suggested email you sent with video, etc. to a Facebook fan and they are going to do a house concert for us when we are in their town with another show…good deal!” – Leslie

“I used one of Fran’s suggested emails, adapting to fit what i do, and sent it to my regional email lists in several states, and voila, over the next couple of weeks after that email, I booked a total of 10 house concerts for the spring and summer, to fill in the gaps in my regular touring schedule. I consider that a GRAND success!” – Juni Fisher

“Five out of 10 shows on my last tour out East were the result of an email I sent to my mailing list about the ‘Dinner and Song’ concept. Some shows were held in churches, some in homes, and most were like full-blown house concerts, however all were fan-created and came about in direct response to the DNS pitch. It helped me put together a great tour at short notice!” – Teresa Storch

The $250,000 Email

[Copy this into an email, and adjust the text to fit your touring options and your personality.]

Subject: Fran Snyder – coming to see you?


After a few years…  I’m hitting the road again. I’m working on new songs, putting up videos on YouTube, and having a lot of fun with live music.

I’d like to see you.

My favorite thing to do is house concerts, where I can really get to know the people in the audience. These events are so much fun, and so memorable, that it’s a growing international trend. There are stories on CNN, Billboard, New York Times, and more. Are you a little bit curious?

Watch the short video that people use to promote these great events to their friends.

Small, intimate concerts can be great, so don’t be shy if your place is on the small side. We can compare calendars and decide when I could be in your area.

Your fan,

Fran Snyder
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PS – how much does it cost? Almost nothing! Read the free guide to find out how.

Here are some areas I’ll be visiting soon:

  • Manitoba in late March
  • Georgia in April
  • Minnesota/Iowa late March
  • NC in late May
  • NY, OR, TX, FL in the fall

Artist Guide to House Concerts

This post is packed full of the best, free advice I can offer from my 10 years of full-time devotion to the world of house concerts. As an artist, as a host, and as the founder of, I’ve put in my 10,000 hours. This is your opportunity to benefit from my work. Dig in. Enjoy. Let me know how it goes.

First, there are two extensive guides you can download for free – one for artists, and one for hosts, here.

To maximize your house concert success, you need:

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Fran Snyder is the founder of ConcertsInYourHome, ListeningRoomFestival, and the Listening Room Network.