House Concert Legal – City of Herndon and Crib Concerts

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Once in a while, we get a report that a house concert has had trouble with zoning violations. Zoning laws can cite various reasons why a house concert could be in violation – parking, noise, and commercial activity are the most common.

In the case of Crib Concerts, the complaint is about “Indoor Entertainment,” and specifically because it has been deemed a commercial activity by the local zoning Community Inspector. Unfortunately for Chris Devine, he lives and operates his concerts in a redevelopment district of Herndon that has even more restrictions than the city on property use.

The host is appealing to the city, and we have to give serious kudos to him for honoring the next 5 booked concerts. Since the issue will take months to resolve, Chris created a GoFundMe to cover the cost of the fines. That’s a fine example of commitment to artists, and engaging your community to rally for your cause.

One has to wonder how the complaint originated, but my money is always on someone like this guy.

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I’m guessing Mr. Morningwood has never been to a house concert. What do you think?






Author: Franman

Singer-songwriter, music entrepreneur, and founder of Listening Room Festival, ConcertsInYourHome, and Listening Room Network

One thought on “House Concert Legal – City of Herndon and Crib Concerts”

  1. You nailed it Fran – Mr Morningwood is doing EXACTLY what the ill-informed Town of Herndon zoning group did – rushing to judgment after glancing at the surface rather than seeking to understand what is really happening, and with such indignance and conviction – wow! First, after 3 1/2 years and almost 50 shows, I have not had a single nuisance-based complaint, and I do this in my TOWNHOUSE. After this violation was cited, my nearest neighbor immediately wrote a letter stating that my shows have zero external footprint: no noise, parking, or other issues, And he’s not biased because he has never even been to a show, it’s not his thing…. The town saw a really nice website and assumed I was running a for-profit commercial business. Much more to the story of course, and I have my appeal hearing on Jan 24th, but that’s the short version – a rush to judgment. And along the way, serious personal disruption to me, the artists, and my guests. Thanks for listening 🙂

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