Southeast House Concerts, Workshops, and Gatherings with Fran Snyder


In late September through early November, Fran Snyder will be touring the southeast to meet with artists, hosts, and to put on workshops for any friends you’d like to inspire.

Aside from meeting the founder of ConcertsInYourHome, it’s an opportunity to

  • network with other hosts in the region
  • learn some new hosting tips
  • inspire a friend to host shows for you.

Here is the current schedule.

Confirmed House Concert Workshops
9/26 Ft Myers, 1-3 pm
9/28 Palm Beach Gardens, 6:30-8pm
10/12 Charlotte, 6:30-8pm
10/19 Atlanta, 6:30-8pm
11/2 Jacksonville, 6:30-8pm
11/3 Orlando, 6:30-8pm

Fran is also looking to play house concerts along the way – check out his music at

Would also like to add October workshops in Tallahassee, Sarasota, Gainesville, and Asheville. It’ll be a nice get-together for experienced hosts, and a great primer for music fans who’d like to become hosts.

Email if you’d like to attend or help organize an event with Fran Snyder.