Press Release: Listening Room Festival 2017 (#LRFest17)


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Florida “House Concert” Festival Connects Fans from All Over the World

The 6th Annual Listening Room Festival invites house concert presenters, artists and fans to join in this year’s festivities. Music-lovers from around the globe are traveling to St. Petersburg, FL to enjoy the house concerts, showcase, and planned group activities from April 19-23, 2017.

Six international contest winners will play the Main Showcase (April 21) at the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, as well as house concerts in the surrounding region. This year’s artists are The Currys, Teneia, Mark Croft, Flagship Romance, Daniel Champagne, and Christie Lenée.

House concerts are the core of the festival. Music fans volunteer to host living room concerts, and invite friends to attend an up-close-and-personal show by a professional touring artist. Attendees are asked to make a suggested donation of $10-20 per person to the performers.

The main showcase at the Palladium Theater features all six acts and is not to be missed.  In addition, this year’s festival includes group activities and workshops to educate and inspire fans to join the growing house concert movement.

2017 Festival Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Please register for the festival to receive updates.

Wednesday April 19

  • Evening – House Concerts (Tampa, Tarpon Springs, Largo, Clearwater, Safety Harbor)

Thursday April 20

  • Day – Office Concert at the Greenhouse (St. Petersburg)
  • Evening – House Concerts (St. Petersburg, Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater)

Friday April 21

  • 7:30pm Main Showcase at Palladium Theater, featuring all 6 acts! (tickets)
  • 10:30pm After-Party at SouZou – festival performers cut loose and jam. Enjoy themed cocktails named after our festival artists. This will sell out – VIP ticket holders get free entry, all others must purchase.

Saturday April 22

  • 11am House Concert Workshop and Host Meet and Greet
  • Tour of St. Pete Arts District
  • Evening – House Concerts (St. Petersburg, Seminole, Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater)

Sunday April 23

  • 10:30am – Brunch for hosts, featured artists, and invited guests.
  • Beach or sightsee on your own
  • Evening – House Concerts (St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Ft. Myers, Sarasota)


The festival is presented by, part of The Listening Room Network.

More information and tickets are available through

About the Listening Room Network:

Listening Room Network (LRN) creates and nurtures opportunities that pay artists to perform in a listening environment while bringing communities together with a renewed passion for live music. LRN and its signature websites (, are leading innovators in the live music industry.

Contact/Press Photos: 

Fran Snyder


Free house concert guide: Download (PDF)

HighRes Press photos: Office Concerts, House Concerts, Fran Snyder, and Festival Finale.

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Listening Room Festival 2016 Recap/Video

Our sixth festival was our biggest ever. With 50+ performances, including 3 showcase nights, dozens of house concerts and office concerts. Our goal with each festival is to attract and inspire new hosts, new fans, and create an amazing experience for our artists. We’re delighted to again accomplish all of these.

In particular, the festival is designed to create a foothold audience for each of the performing acts, so they can return yearly for a profitable and enjoyable tour of Florida. The bonus is that they actually make money and have a great time while planting these seeds.

For our hosts and fans, it’s wonderful to bring everyone together once a year. Many hosts attend to make new friendships as well as hear great music. Join us for LRF17.

Artist Applications close May 31.

Video by Donna Green.

Are you applying to the right festivals?

For artists who want to prospect for opportunities at festivals and conferences, there’s a lot of choices out there. When deciding whether or not to apply or attend, costs are often the deciding factor.

So let’s start with the costs of applying and attending.

Festival/Conference Expenses

  • Application Fee
  • Showcase Fee
  • Hotel/Camping Costs
  • Food Costs
  • Booth, Program, Printing/Marketing Costs
  • Travel Costs

Artists often pay $2000 or more to perform at festivals and conferences, going into debt for a chance at getting gigs to recoup over the following years.

Other factors and criteria

A lot of preparation often goes into these trips, and much of that centers around making your act stand out among dozens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of artists. Getting there isn’t even half the battle in some cases, as you have to put extreme effort to get people to notice you and/or attend your showcase performances.


Results vary greatly. Most artists have to justify the trip with the intangible benefits of a fun and exciting weekend, because the resulting gigs are too few and too small to recoup their investment.

Is there another way?

I’ve been frustrated by this model for a long time, and five years ago I created something very different. Our Listening Room Festival was designed to create a profitable tour in addition to a showcase opportunity, in front of the largest gathering of house concert presenters in the world.

Here’s how It works.

  • One fee – the application.
  • Bonus for all applicants – Most judges are active house concert presenters – showcase or not, you get seen by people who can book you.

Listening Room Festival Acts get:

  • Bookings – at least two house concerts and a powerful showcase in 3 days.
  • Lodging – covered by volunteer hosts, some meals included.
  • Extra – free membership to ($245 value)
  • Travel – not covered, but many acts use CIYH network to book house concerts to and from the festival.

Most importantly, most of the shows require very little promotion, and this may be the only festival where there are more gigs/venues than artists.

We tweak this model every year, but we’re delighted with the results and the amazing talented we’ve attracted and served. Most of them plant enough seeds in one weekend to make Florida one of their favorite states to tour every year.

Which conferences and festivals do you think are worth the investment?

LRF17 – Artist Applications Open

Listening Room Festival was a great introduction into the community in St Pete and all of our hosts did a fantastic job at setting up the space and making us feel right at home. The money was great and we made lasting fans and friendships. I would recommend the Listening Room Festival to any artist who appreciates performing in front attentive, supportive audiences that appreciate the gift of good music and connection. – Rory, Quiles and Cloud

As we approach our 5th annual festival, we’ve just opened the application process for our next festival which will take place March 17 – 23rd, 2017. This festival helps artists actually make good money, playing house concerts, as they travel to play a showcase for the largest gathering of house concerts in the world. Springtime in Florida!

Another unique twist is that the contest judges are active house concert presenters, so any artist in the contest has the potential to get a booking or two even if they don’t get selected as a festival performer.

Learn more and apply at

LRF16, the 5th Annual Listening Room Festival approaches.


Can I tell you a story?

10 years ago I saw that house concerts would save and nurture the touring careers of artists and built a website that now inspires thousands of profitable, enriching, LISTENING concerts around the world.

5 years ago I started an festival to make sure that FLORIDA would become one of the best places in America for artists to tour sustainably and be HEARD. That festival, Listening Room Festival, is coming up in a few weeks, March 28 – April 3rd.

You can support these efforts by buying two tickets to a wonderful concert, or telling your friends about the most unique folk music festival in the world. The music includes acoustic blues, classical, southern folk, and more. The fans LISTEN and pay the artists a living wage.

Buy your tickets to our showcase events and register if you’d like to be invited to a few exclusive, private concerts. Check it out. The music will inspire you.

Fran Snyder, founder.