Fran Snyder Podcast – Red River Roses: A Jam Session Turns into Local Driveway Gigs

Charlotte and Rachel tell Fran: 
How they met
Their love of bluegrass music
Open jam session/rehearsals lead to a band
Rehearsal leads to a gig
Gig leads to more gigs
Epidemic leads to a driveway tour of the neighborhood!

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Fran Snyder Pocast: John Hall – Still the One – Rocking on Stage and in Congress.

John Hall tells Fran about: 

Elmyra NY
Writing hits like “Still the One” and “Dance with Me”
Meeting Joni Mitchell in an awkward way
Redemption at a Halloween Party
Touring as opening act for Jackson Browne
Running for Congress and voting on the ACA
His book, “Still the One: A Rock’n’Roll Journey to Congress and Back”
New videos and projects
and more!
“Home” video:

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Reckless Saints turn 2020 into an artistic growth phase.

Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield tell Fran about:

Meeting online on !
Digital art and Roy’s syndicated cartoon strip.
The rough 80s for Roy
Upcoming solo and duo projects
Adapting to the future of touring
Americana Community Music Association (ACMA) in Ft. Myers FL.​

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Grace Morrison on the rock n roll tourbus at 16 to the world of house concerts

Singer-songwriter Grace Morrison shares her early days as a backup singer and the transition to a touring singer-songwriter. Based in Cape Cod, Grace has opened for rock and folk heavy-weights, and is releasing a new record soon. Enjoy!

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Avi Wisnia on the Philly music scene, and launching his first album in 10 yrs!

Avi tells Fran about playing in New York vs Philadelphia, sharing songs and helping local songwriters in the Philly Songwriters Circle. Also, touring with his holocaust surviving grandfather, helping him share his songs and stories.

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Jennings and Keller – making music, home on the road, and teaching prisoners.

Laurie talks about how she and Dana tour the U.S. in a custom camper, while doing remote session work, reading interesting books, and more. Laurie also explains her fascinating experience with teaching art and music to prisoners.

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Fran Snyder Podcast: West My Friend on Recording with a Virtual Choir, and touring Canada in winter.

The band tells Fran about:

Finding new ways to connect with audiences
“Touring their home town” and Victoria BC area.
Playing a house concert at a nudist colony.

Career highlights: 

– Performing with a symphony orchestra 
– Touring Europe 
– Nomination for Canadian Folk Music Award 
– Nomination for Independent Music Award

West My Friend is:
Guitar, Vocals / Eden Oliver
Mandolin, Vocals / Alex Rempel
Accordion, Vocals / Jeff Poynter

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Paul Sprawl off grid and charting his own music path for decades.

Singer-songwriter Paul Sprawl tells Fran about:

Life in Terlingua TX

Eddies Attic shoot out

making up songs while tuning the guitar during a show

Cal Arts / UCSD training early career –

open mic tours being a lifelong weirdo 8^)

pancakes and a side of engagement

John Trudell, Quilt Man and indigenous peoples

driving a truck for Jimmy Cliff (early 90s)

Immokalee Coalition of Workers (FL)

slavery convictions win “Harvest of Shame” film

Lee Townsend, Berkeley Producer for Bill Frisell

Signing with German record label.

Touring Europe as a trio (w rhythm section from late Chris Whitley)

productivity and wages

building dance studio for artists in residence and launches around Thanksgiving 2020.


Fran Snyder Podcast

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Lipbone Redding on touring the world in a beautiful flying machine.

Singer-songwriter Lipbone Redding discusses his NC roots Greenville and Western Carolina University daring move to New York touring nationally then internationally 4-5 countries per year developing shows for yoga, swing dance, and more three types of livestream shows and a cool UFO sighting Fran Snyder Podcast is sponsored by: shoutout to

Fran Snyder Podcast: My One and Only – African Travels, and “going SNL” on livestream w skits/jokes

Kassie and Ben share with Fran about Alabama roots how they met in Antioch/Nashville backing each other first, then writing and touring School of Audio Engineering in Nashville releasing singles vs CDs or vinyl going to Rwanda and Uganda first with mission work and music sponsoring a child fun and spontaneous creativity in their livestreams incorporating skits and pre-recorded bits and the axe-throwing neighbor FSPod is Sponsored by: – house concerts and more – the best online music lessons