Is Your Music Career a Race?

Are you competing more than cooperating? Do others have to lose for you to win?

Musicians approach their music with various personalities and intentions. To succeed at music it’s important to figure out your “why?” Do you simply love to play and create? Does the creative process stifle you, but you go through it so that you can play live shows?

I think most of our blocks in life exist because we are unable to assess our strengths, our passions, and our weaknesses. Know your limitations (racing doesn’t inspire me), and get clear on what you love and what situations make you the most effective. Then figure out how to create those situations more often.

If you want to race, winning will require a lot more sacrifice.

Maybe you just like running.


Updated Booking Lights at ConcertsInYourHome

Thanks to recent feedback we’re adding clarity and ease to our booking system. We’re asking hosts to re-think how CIYH artists can best self-select to send inquiries that make sense for your schedule.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.08.07 PM.png

Green Light:
For hosts with flexibility, reluctance to book far ahead, loving the pickup TenTen concerts, filling a cancelation, or just getting started and looking to fill some dates quickly…. the green light is the best choice.

Yellow Light:
For hosts who always look 4 – 18 months ahead.

Red Light: No artist inquiries for (up to) 90 days.

Red lights expire and revert to yellow after 90 days, so that hosts are prompted to reconnect with our artist community and to update their profile info – at least a few times per year. Hosts receive an email alert when the change happens, and there’s a built-in login link in the email so that they can change back to red in about 20 seconds. We have more hosts than artists at CIYH, so inquiries never come at an overwhelming pace.

In addition, hosts can also encourage artists inquire for a specific month by noting that in the booking info section.

The booking light change is not a major departure from what we had before. We’ve just clarified what the green and yellow lights stand for: It’s a time reference.