Fran Snyder Podcast: Maiah Wynne – creative ways to break through, Hunger Games and working with Alex Lifeson of Rush!

Maiah Wynne is a singer-songwriter from Portland, OR, making quick, gigantic strides in her music career.

She tells us about:
the path to 20,000 subscribers on YouTube
learning harp guitar
writing music for the songs in Suzanne Collins books
a little “cosplay” to enhance videos
writing and playing music for astronauts
meeting and working with Alex Lifeson
balls the size of Montreal

Maiah has also donated time and funding to organizations including the Arts Fund Seattle, Black Resilience Fund, First Aid Arts, Missing and Murdered Indigeneous Women USA, the Misool Foundation, NAACP, UNCUT Youth Programs, and WaterWatch. “What made us fall for her even more was her drive to use her talents to make a difference.” (30A Magazine)

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Celtic harpist Anne Roos on being versatile, local, and successful.

Anne Roos shares her deep and varied success in the music business, based on very little touring and working from South Lake Tahoe. She talks about playing weddings and proposals writing a book for Hal Leonard jamming with other artist livestreams to keep improv skills sharp teaching online and a 3X boost from covid working on a new duet album martial arts as self defense for gigs in risky places!

Fran Snyder Podcast: Anne E. DeChant and her perfect song for 2020, “Change.”

Singer-songwriter Anne E. DeChant talks with Fran about her new video for “Changes.” Really, can there be a better song title for 2020?

We also discuss:
meeting Julie Andrews at the White House
walking the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of “The Hot Flashes”
the threads of empowerment and humor in her music
the “Bathroom Break” and “Sunday Song” livestream series
Curbside Song Drop-Offs
the abundance of online workshops for leveling up
Video for “Change”


Fran Snyder Podcast: Jesse Terry and adapting with the music industry.

Jesse Terry, award-winning songwriter talks about his adaptations to the music industry. From staff songwriter at a major publisher, to world-wide touring troubadour, to live-streaming from his daughter’s room!

We discuss

  • Covid and the stress on his young family.
  • therapy and working on mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • re-thinking the future in terms of business goals.
  • working with and trusting your record producer.
  • launching next record and tour in 2021.

The two songs we talked about



Fran Snyder Podcast: Daniel Boling on The Limeliters, being a park ranger, & Jack Williams’ HC intro

Meet Daniel Boling, one of the longest standing members of Listening Room Network, and hear about his days in the park service and his performances with The Limeliters. Fran Snyder checks in with Dan to learn what he’s been up to during the Covid shut-downs.

Fran Snyder Podcast: Aaron English on House Concerts, songwriting, touring and recording in Africa.

“A unique and brilliantly creative songwriter…Aaron English [has] wandered the globe’s highways and back roads encountering, absorbing, evolving and cross-pollinating everything he encounters in his journey.” — Dancing About Architecture

Louise Baker, of Baker Booking and Isis Music Hall, discusses how the music community is adapting to the pandemic.

Louise Baker is an established agent in folk music, and the talent buyer for Isis Music Hall in Asheville, NC. She’s seen all sides of the music business, from running non-profit venues, booking world-touring acts, and booking one of the best listening rooms in the southeastern U.S.

In our interview we discuss how she and her partner stepped up as communicators during the pandemic, and how they leveled up their impact and influence as a result of  their informational generosity!

Esteban Gonda – flamenco guitar, gypsy music, and life in Buenos Aires.

Listen at Podbean App or via YouTube below!

Esteban Gonda is one of the most established flamenco guitarists in Argentina, doing 100+ concerts per year with various ensembles of flamenco guitar, percussion and dance. In our interview he discusses his training, the evolution and history of flamenco music, and key aspects of musical culture in Argentina. 

Caitlin Cannon on pushing boundaries, making great records, and being a ninja mermaid.

Some people are born to entertain, and Caitlin Cannon knows how to pull a laugh out of any situation, even a podcast pandemic. In this interview she shares the path to her most recent work, “The TrashCannon Album.” Also, Sarah Clanton hits her on the head with a stick.