Fran Snyder Podcast: RayCerbone singer-songwriter and founding member of Americana Com. Music Assoc.

Ray tells Fran about:
Growing up in the Bronx and WestChester NY
“Music Row” in NYC
His first guitar for “$10”
Learning guitar and his first Donovan song via Mel Bay books.
Meeting Roy Schneider 
Keeping guitars at hand
Meeting Shannon Larkin of Godsmack
Joining the Apocalypse Blues Band
Working on new records and participating in the growing Americana Community Music Association.

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Fran Snyder Podcast – Red River Roses: A Jam Session Turns into Local Driveway Gigs

Charlotte and Rachel tell Fran: 
How they met
Their love of bluegrass music
Open jam session/rehearsals lead to a band
Rehearsal leads to a gig
Gig leads to more gigs
Epidemic leads to a driveway tour of the neighborhood!

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Fran Snyder Pocast: John Hall – Still the One – Rocking on Stage and in Congress.

John Hall tells Fran about: 

Elmyra NY
Writing hits like “Still the One” and “Dance with Me”
Meeting Joni Mitchell in an awkward way
Redemption at a Halloween Party
Touring as opening act for Jackson Browne
Running for Congress and voting on the ACA
His book, “Still the One: A Rock’n’Roll Journey to Congress and Back”
New videos and projects
and more!
“Home” video:

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Reckless Saints turn 2020 into an artistic growth phase.

Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield tell Fran about:

Meeting online on !
Digital art and Roy’s syndicated cartoon strip.
The rough 80s for Roy
Upcoming solo and duo projects
Adapting to the future of touring
Americana Community Music Association (ACMA) in Ft. Myers FL.​

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