Fran Snyder Podcast: Alan Williams of Birdsong at Morning. An odd and impactful path through music.

Alan Williams talks with Fran about: 
Asheville and amazing transformation  
Berklee vs New England Conservatory of Music
Thirst Stream Studies… Contemporary Improvisation (CI)
Learning classical music by ear
signed to Island Records
Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Dropped by Polygram after sale
breaking up before Newport Festival appearance
selling 30,000 units without a label
blowing up in Boston/Maine
engineering/producing Lucy Kaplansky, Patty Larkin, Kris Delmhorst, The Nudes. 
Musical director for Dar Williams first band tour w Richard Shindell
PHD from Brown in ethnomusicology
Academic work… peer reviewed journals… Technostalgia?…
Birdsong at Morning – origin of the name
Evidence Unearthed – resurrecting an unfinished CD after 25 years!
Live from the Aviary… Livestreaming a band

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Host Dani Goodband: the journey into and the love for hosting house concerts.

LRN house concert host Dani Goodband talks about 
her love for house concerts
the impact she sees on eclectic audiences
working with regional hosting partners
and we explore a new direction for LRN bookings. 

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Mia Borders, New Orleans as home and heritage, and a wild house concert story.

Mia Borders tells Fran about:

growing up in New Orleans, 
playing and teaching music at Loyola,
a wild house concert story, 
joining Listening Room Network,
strict preparation for studio time, 
Escape from the Secret Lab,
and her love for reading (60 books per year!)

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Fran Snyder Podcast: The Rough & Tumble on supportive house concert community, and the Lullafrights!

Also discussed:
Meeting in Martha’s Vinyard
Upgrading the best man to the husband
Touring and living in a camper with two dogs.
Turning a canceled tour into residencies. 
Staying in the Deliverance town, in a cabin in the woods. 
2019 LRN Artists of the Year
2019 Americana Song of the Year
House Concert hosts to the rescue!
“Everything Goes Viral but my Band”
“The Rumbly Tummy”
spooky stories and the “Lullafrights”


Fran Snyder Podcast : Kira Small – a wonder woman backing up Wonder Woman.

Kira Small has done it all. From playing Pat O’Briens in New Orleans to teaching at Berklee College of Music, to touring with A-list country acts. 

Kira also tells us about:

Paying her dues at Don’s Depot in Austin
Christmas tours with Martina McBride
Touring with Linda Carter (Wonder Woman)
Growing up in Wisconsin
and opening up a Syd Gold’s piano bar with her husband.

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Korby Lenker – one moonshot after another.

Korby Lenker is a prolific and multi-faced artist. In this episode, he tells us about: 

His last record: Thousand Springs – growing up in Idaho, recording process, setting.
Korby’s Book Club. Genesis, frequency, surprises. 
Medium Hero: stories fictional or fictionalized?
Morse Code: TV series. Genesis, development, funding… future?
Upcoming CD: Man in the Marroon.

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Kerry Patrick Clark – great stories from The New Christie Minstrels and more!

Kerry Patrick Clark talks about growing up in Toledo, the profound effect of artists like Harry Chapin, and his tendency to always return to the midwest. 
“a voice that seeks to sing hope into the human experience.”

Funny stories from his year with The New Christie Minstrels
A Mighty Wind and being part of a “neuftet.”
The political baggage of faith and folk. 
Connecting with the music of your kids
His new CD “What a Show” and virtual CD release party.


Fran Snyder Podcast: Rupert Wates – The most successful performer in Listening Room Network reveals tips and his interesting path.

Rupert Wates – The most successful performer in Listening Room Network reveals tips and his interesting path.

We discuss
Starting as staff writer in London
How Paris helped him start performing
How the U.S. was critical to his touring success
Keeping two home bases in the U.S. – New York and Colorado
Leveraging two bases to systematically tour the U.S.
Writing short stories and then songs
Meticulous preparation to record full CD in 5 hours.
Can CDs still be profitable?
House concerts and LRN as tools to find your performing strengths.
The dangers of house concerts as your “comfort zone.”
Intimacy demands authenticity
The basic math of touring.



Layla Frankel – the jazzy road to pop music in Nashville.


Layla Frankel, singer songwriter from Nashville, talks to Fran Snyder about 

  • Growing up as a performer in her Dad’s band. 
    Old Town School of Folk Music
    Studying jazz and big band music
    Extended break in Europe, playing cafes and more. 
    Working on the release of her second EP
    Covid creates a healthy break from the service industry
    Different ways to value your music
    Exchanging ideas with an entrepreneur group
    The Naked Vocalist Podcast
    Atomic Habits by James Clear

Video for her song Josephine:




Fran Snyder Podcast: Joy Ike on Mr. Rogers, coaching artists, and making “Bigger than Your Box.”

Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Joy Ike shares with Fran Snyder

  • her focus on regional touring and shorter tours
  • even introverts can get antsy
  • her artist-coaching program “Cultivators”
  • finding your core passion
  • staging your house for multi uses!
  • the balance between writing and promoting making her CD, “Bigger than Your Box”
  • Mr. Rogers theme song cover and video
  • enneagrams and life narratives


“Won’t you be my neighbor”

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