Fran Snyder Podcast: Dan Frechette and Laurel Thomsen – what if your studio burns down during Covid?

Dan and Laurel describe
how they prepare for fires each year
why it paid off this year
how they met via YouTube without a fire
when the fire between them developed
how Dan could sit in for Bob Dylan if he was fired
60s recordings were fire
Adding cello is hot
Livestreaming until it burns
Returning and rebuilding at Bonnie Dune.

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Mare Wakefield & Nomad – Berklee, Turkey, Ricky Martin, and The Carp Enters.

Mare (Mary) and Nomad share stories with Fran, 

livestreams and fan-sent applause buttons
cover tunes and jazz tunes on grand piano 
The Carp Enters show
Trivia questions turn into silly songs
remote sessions via
song commissions for fans
meeting at Berklee
music in Turkey – business school – Sony/Columbia
meeting Ricky Martin
mp3s destroys record company
facebook live LAG!
multi – video streaming via OBS

What didn’t we cover?

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Fran Snyder Podcast: KC Turner: singer-songwriter from heartland turns into SF’s top live promoter.

KC Turner describes his journey from open-mic host, to house concert host, to the acoustic and indie-scene’s most sought after promoter. Including: 
Moving from Missouri to SF Bay area
Creating open mic nights in various towns while working a day job
Discovering house concerts via Drew Pearce
Going pro… as in full-time promoter
Hustle hustle… doing whatever was need for musicians and clubs, including creating MySpace pages!
Growing mailing list as spring-board to public venue events.
Selling out Cafe du Nord as validation and jet fuel. 
Bigger and bigger shows til Covid. 
Massive adjustments… rescheduling shows multiple times.
Creating driveway shows experiment with Megan Slankard and others. 
Talk to Me podcast
Prepping for the other side of the pandemic. 

Check out his great work and upcoming events

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Pierce Crask – blues on the move… St. Louis, Chicago, and beyond.

Pierce tells us about his recent move to Chicago, guitar heroes, his first few house concert experiences, and the adjustment to livestreaming.


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Fran Snyder Podcast: Melissa Crispo on producing music and vegetables during pandemic.

Orlando-based singer-songwriter Melissa Crispo tells Fran about:
extreme-promo during cruise gig pays off
meeting Melissa Etheridge and having lunch with her
using downtime to learn music production
foray into gardening
co-writing with Crystal Bowersox

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Fran Snyder Podcast: Rod Abernethy on maximizing folk conferences, future touring, and robots.

In this episode, Rod Abernethy discusses:

early and humble beginnings in North Carolina

getting signed and dropped losing on Star Search

going “corporate” and finding success in sync music, especially video games.

returning to guitar and touring again

folk conferences as a launching pad

future of touring, especially via house concerts and Listening Room Network

building cool robots from found parts

his Kickstarter campaign for a new album. S


upport this great artist by visiting his links and Kickstarter.

photography and found object art:…


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