is 9 Years Old

Message from Fran:

ConcertsInYourHome is 9 years old. The official launch was May of 2006, but I’ve been working on this for ten years, if not my entire adult life. It was my dream to create something useful for artists and music fans, something to make life a little better and maybe a even a little easier.

Last week I had the pleasure of returning to the D.C. area to play a couple of house concerts. At the second show, I was able to thank my good friend Joe Madden, the first person to ever host a house concert for me, less than 10 miles from where I played that night.

This, all of this began with the kindness of a friend who was a fan of my music. We each showed each other what was possible at the intersection of music and real life. I was able to thank Joe for opening his front door – the biggest door I’ve ever walked through.

It’s my hope that all of you get a sense of the big difference we all make when we host, play, or attend these intimate concerts. Someone always walks away with a bigger heart, an eased pain, or a rekindled desire for music at arms length. Let’s keep stretching and filling the world with what it needs the most – a sense of togetherness.

Your fan,

Fran Snyder