Restaurants as Listening Rooms… possibility vs odds

We often get requests from restaurants and cafes who want to be part of what we do, by hosting concerts at their venue. Most often, they haven’t thought it through… they just have a notion that live music might be fun and could enhance their business.

The unique thing about our concerts is the “listening atmosphere.” We like to make a clear distinction that our concerts are not “background music,” so we expect the audience to behave like they would at a movie theater or Broadway musical. We want everyone seated, paying attention. The venue also has to support the performance – limiting or eliminating noises like espresso machines, clinking ice, chatting at the register, etc. Historically, that has been tough to achieve in restaurants, but there are a few that pull it off.
The key is that everyone in the space should be there for the show. If someone walks in for dinner and is not interested in the show, they might start talking and distracting from everyone else.
Small spaces are totally fine. If you’d like to create a “concert night” that would take place at a time where it wouldn’t interfere with your normal business flow, we’d be happy to support that.
Listening Room Network is a fiscally sponsored organization, and we accept donations that help us create meaningful and enjoyable music events around the world. We welcome your support.