Baker Booking – Promotion Plan for Successful Shows

Louise Baker is a talented and dedicated agent who represents some wonderful artists. Below is an excerpt from her newsletter, with some ideas to help you promote your shows. Not all may apply to you, especially if you host private house concerts… but consider some of these option to increase the success of your shows.

Baker Booking 

Promotion Plans for successful shows

Thanks for choosing one of our talented artists for a show at your venue/festival or house concert. We strive to provide an effective marketing campaign for each and every concert that we book. We consider our artist a partner in this promotion effort along with the venue host/presenter. During this time when so many artists are touring again it is essential that we work together to bring your patrons to the show as well as our artist’s fans.

Here’s what we (Baker Booking) intends to do:

Provide up-to date effective promotional materials from artist’s EPK

List/co-host the event on Baker Booking FB pages and invite friends

Promote in BB weekly newsletter 

Cross promote to our FB Groups

Here’s what we ask Artists to do: 

Our artists and their support team ( publicists, social media assistants)

       List the shows in a timely manner on their tour schedule

       Send show information to fans via their newsletter

       Create events and posts on FB and Instagram

       Create video promos upon request

       Send posters upon request

Here’s what we ask Hosts to do: 

List the show on your website and provide the ticket link

  Create Facebook Event- use current promo material

  Consider boosting the Event 7-10 days prior to the event

  Make Baker Booking and the artist a co-host on your Facebook Page.    

   Provide an up to date media list with contact information


Author: Franman

Singer-songwriter, music entrepreneur, and founder of Listening Room Festival, ConcertsInYourHome, and Listening Room Network

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