Promote Your House Concerts with Webflyers in Short Emails

As a host at, you can take some basic steps to make the promotion of your events easy.

  • Create a Webflyer
  • Create/Expand Your Mailing List
  • Send short emails with the link to your webflyer

To create a webflyer, you log in to CIYH, go to “My Shows” and add an event. Once you save it, click “Create Webflyer” to see the edit page where you can add content and make changes. Then copy the shareable link at the top of the edit section and paste it into a short email like this example:

Subject: I’m hosting a house concert (4/24) and you’re invited!

Dear Friends,

Please join me on Thursday, April 23rd for wonderful concert in my home. [Artist Name] will be playing an up-close and personal concert for me and a select group of friends.

In the link above, please check out the music, the details and suggested donation. Let me know if you can give a solid RSVP and if you’ll be +1 or more.

I’ll send directions and a little more info when you confirm.

Your excited friend,


Author: Franman

Singer-songwriter, music entrepreneur, and founder of Listening Room Festival, ConcertsInYourHome, and Listening Room Network

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